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Fast Fashion: Is it worth it?

Fast Fashion: Is it worth it?

Fast Fashion: What is it and is it worth it?

"Fast Fashion" is the latest buzz phrase in the apparel industry. But what is it and what are the real costs?

Fast Fashion is the process of manufacturing clothing quickly and inexpensively to keep up with current trends. The focus for the companies is on how fast and how cheap it can be made. And we've all bought it. Those cheap pieces that either fall apart after a few wears or end up in the trash or thrown into the donation pile. Here's the shocker... the EPA estimates that 84% of donated clothing ends up in a landfill or incinerated. 

Have you ever wondered how someone can make a t-shirt for only $5. Chances are they aren't doing it using quality materials with skilled workers in humane working conditions.  Most fast fashion is made in developing countries across Asia, with 70% to 90% of the workers being female. Sweatshop conditions in these countries are common with employees working long hours for low wages in hazardous working environments. Only 2% of garment workers in these counties earn a living wage.

The next time you are looking for a new outfit, consider the true cost. From the quality of the fabrics to the number of stitches per inch to the humane working conditions, remember the one with the higher price tag may cost you less and leave you looking- and feeling- better!



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