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Shop Local... It's not just a trend

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Shop Local... It's not just a trend

Why it's so important to shop local and support small businesses.

Shop Local... Support Small Businesses... Keep It Local

These are more than catch phrases and trends. Local businesses are owned by your friends, neighbors, and community members. This is their livelihood. Not only do they spend countless hours and dollars starting a business, but they do so knowing the chances of success is slim.

Did you know 45% of small businesses fail within the first five years? And only 25% survive 15 years. That means when you open a small business you are more likely to be job hunting within ten years than being a business owner. Couple that with the expense of opening a new business, and that means most of your finances have been spent. So why do it? That's a loaded question. For me, it's an internal drive. I love what I do because I'm doing what I love.

Why is supporting small business so important? Let's talk community and dollars. 

Unlike many box stores, your mom and pop shops aren't getting tax breaks. That means the money they make goes back into the local government. 

Small businesses donate 250% (yes, 250%) more money to local charities and causes. That includes your kids little league, local non-for-profits, and service groups. Supporting your local business IS supporting your community!

These are your neighbors and friends. When you walk into the store, they know your name. They ask about your kids. They appreciate you! There is no denying the kinship that is created when you become a regular customer. 

These are only a few of the hundreds of reasons why shopping local makes a difference. Before you grab a bite, pick up a last minute gift, consider changing insurance providers, or decide who to buy a house from, remember the importance of shopping local. After all, what would your neighborhood look like without the small businesses?


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