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Why size inclusion matters

Why size inclusion matters

Size inclusion means we carry clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. We all deserve to feel and look our best!

So, I'm a plus size gal. Always have been. At 52, I am tired of being treated like an old lady! When the idea of Josephine's In Irvington started, I knew that I wanted a store I could shop at. There are plenty of box stores where I can find my size, but the clothes DID NOT speak to my style. Where could I find quality clothes that fit my body shape, had some style, and didn't fall apart after a few washes? Shop at a boutique? Never! They don't carry my size, and if they do, it's fast fashion that is ill fitting and made for someone 30 years younger than me!

That's why we search for fashion brands that carry TRUE plus sizes. The arms fit... the style is fun and funky... the clothes are meant to last. Do all our brands offer inclusive sizes? Unfortunately not, but we are seeing an increase in the selections. Many of the brands are generously sized to fit more people. 

This is part of our mission... we want to make sure everyone who comes to the shop has options, and feels comfortable and beautiful in what they wear. Come and see how the right fit can change how you feel. After all, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


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